Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tools - tools - tools...

Tools - tools - tools...

Our signature series of tools for skagitanglers to enjoy
When you flyfish and tie your own flies you need tools - and lots of them - for all kinds of purposes. Tools like scissors, nippers and pliers in different sizes, shapes and colors are essential to our hobby. We all know how frustrating it can be to have dull scissors, weak pliers and nippers which allways are left in the jacket, back home or in the car. It ends here :-)

We present a high-quality and yet affordable line of tools for our costumers and the first feedback have from you guys have been very promising. Costumers like it a lot - and they want more. 

Super Scissors in Fish Skin Design - sharp as He..
We carry 5 different nippers. All very sharp and highly usefull in a lot of situations. At these prices you can afford to have a set of nippers in all bags, waders and jacktes. You can also take a pick from our 3 diffenrent pliers (all stainless steel) when you're looking for tools to debarb hook, release fish, cut liner og wire and many more applications. Our fish skin design is used in many of the products. We think it simply just looks damn good and yes "fishy". Check out our fly tying scissors if you're looking for a super sharp set of scissors usefull in almost all steps of the fly tying procedure. A popular seller allready. 

We urge you to take a look at our brand new selection of usefull tool designed with flyfishers and fly tyers in mind. We have given the tools our own design and have a trusted a very skilled toolmaking company to back us on this project. Allways feel free to contact us on with questions and feedback and please take a tour in the shop

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