Monday, November 23, 2015

New supplier - Sybai flytying products in stock

Sybai flytying products now in stock

Skagitanglers still continues our effort to expand the huge range of high-quality flytying products we carry in stock. In our constant search for new exciting stuff for flytying salmon and steelhead flies we came across some super nice products from Sybai. Now it's about time to bring these products to the knowledge of all our clients and followers. We know you want it - now we have it :-)

Sybai have a vast amount of different and mostly synthetich made products which fit perfectly in our niche of flytying. We like to tie flies - like our intruders and the likes -with light, mobile and generaly fairly "flashy" materials partly because it's just plain fun and partly because it works. Salmon, seatrout and steelhead dig a flashy fly which stands out and looks different from what everybody elses are throwing at them ;-)
We have for a start picked a long list of Sybai materials to the shop and to name just a few we now have: Craft Fur, Pearl Braid Rib, Fine Twist Hair, Angle Hair, Tinsels, and 4 different kinds of dubbing. All of these great products comes in a breathtaking numbers of color variants. We're sure there will be enough to choose from for all fly tiers around. Just take your pick :-)

Please take a look at the full range of top-quality flytying products from Sybai.

Did we mention that we sell these products at very reasonable prices

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