Thursday, July 9, 2015

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Hi and welcome to

First shoot on the blog from is here. In the future we will be sharing hot news from the shop - your one stop skagit shop! We will also use the blog to update our costumers and followers on what's happening on the scene of skagit fly fishing. A fair amout of fish porn is garanteed to show up now and then simply because we can't help it.

We run a fly-only web shop selling fly fishing gear and related products. Our main focus is flyfishing for salmon, sea trout and steelhead all around the world. We are based in Scandinavia (Denmark) but supply fly fishers around the world with their needs. We are skagitanglers to the bone - we fish with skagit gear - we fish flies mostly inspired by vibes comming from the PNW region in US/CAN.

If you like big flashy intruders, skagit lines, big sticks and big chrome fish, screaming reels and the beauty of Mother Nature's creations you have come the right place. We will get back shortly - this is just a test :-) In the meantime take a look at our shop - we hope you like it. Please fell free to drop us a line if you have questions, ideas to new products or improvements and more.

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